We've outgrown our technology

  • The Challenge:

    Your business started off like many companies. There were one or two of you, with plans to grow. But like many companies, you didn’t plan for technology growth. Now you have a bunch of employees and a technology infrastructure that was cobbled together with baling twine and super glue – and it is about to fall apart.

  • The Goals:

    Leverage the right technology and team to ensure your company is empowered to provide the best service in your industry. Standardize on equipment, stabilize the environment, and plan for long-term growth.


  • The Solution:

    Technology solution design and implemented based off your specific needs and future plans along with long-term consulting, management and Virtual CIO services from Weston Technology Solutions, allowing you to focus on showing your clients (and the rest of your industry) what best-in-class is all about.

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Your Business Will Grow, Plan Your Tech Accordingly

Every business starts off with one or two folks and an idea. If things work out properly, that idea turns into a profitable business, employees are hired and the business grows. But as with everything in life, there can be growing pains. While your business may grow sometimes your technology doesn’t grow properly along with it.

That was the story with a Redmond, Oregon-based heavy construction firm. They have been in business for a lot of years, but more and more were relying on technology as their business and client-base grew. They started off with a small workgroup setup with the office manager fielding the IT questions, which is never an ideal situation.

As the company grew, and their need for reliable technology for their in-house and field employees grew along with it. They needed to be able to share information reliably and securely to employees both in-house and in the field. They also had been purchasing their technology on an ad-hoc basis and with no thoughts of long-term strategy.

The approached us with their concerns, and we worked with them to come up with a plan to accommodate their current needs as well as plan for future technology growth. We also freed up the office manager to actually manage the office, which is what she is best at, while we manage the IT. Now their folks in the office and multitudes of folks in the field are all communicating on the same page, increasing productivity, minimizing communication issues, and collaborating effectively.

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