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Risk Assessments

Be confident with your technology.

HIPAA Security Audits, Risk Assessments, HIPAA Policies and Procedures

Get your required security risk analysis (Risk Assessment) taken care of before it's too late. Help ensure your healthcare organization meets the required aspects of HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance.


Purchase HIPAA Training

Browse the Weston HIPAA training store below to purchase HIPAA training and certifications for your practice and clinic staff members. Be sure to use code WT20 for 20% off! If you have any questions about any of the packages, call our HIPAA training experts today.


HIPAA Services


Don't leave yourself open to lawsuits, fines, or damaging headlines!

Every week brings another story of a healthcare provider caught up in a data breach. Did you know that nearly half of all data breaches now occur in healthcare? That attacks by hackers on providers are up more than 100% since 2010? That a typical breach of patient data costs $6.5 million in liability and enforcement fines? WestonHIPAAService is part of Weston's line of business IT, compliance, and training services. Read more about our HIPAA services


Disk Encryption

Whole Disk Encryption for HIPAA-regulated Industries

Data-EncryptSensitive patient data is constantly at risk of loss, theft, and exposure. Many times, the data simply walks right out the front door on a laptop or USB device. Companies that suffer such a data loss risk serious consequences, including regulatory penalties (HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, etc...), public disclosure, brand damage, customer distrust, and financial losses. Do you want to save yourself a public relations and labor intensive nightmare?


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