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Spam Protection - Regain Control over your Inbox

Your Business Needs More Security than What Standard Spam Filters Offer

How Much does Spam Cost Your Company

You'd be surprised how much time is lost for junk mail.

According to a recent study, 78% of all email sent is classified as spam. Other reports have claimed that US companies lose $712 per employee each year due to spam email despite the software spam filters that come with most email clients. How many employees do you have? Multiply that by $712 and ask yourself if you'd like to continue sifting through spam and let junk email clog up your inboxes and exchange server.

Spam = Extra IT Issues

Besides being a giant time waster for businesses, spam is also known for spreading harmful malware, which will cause a lot of day-to-day IT issues. Stop letting unsolicited junk mail get between your staff and their jobs.

Our WestonBlock Spam Protection is a cost effective, extremely powerful, and 100% hosted solution with no software to install. Using intelligent pre-designed filters, malevolent email is stopped before entering your network, and anything questionable is quarantined Spam quarantine reports are delivered weekly, however you can log into the WestonBlock Control Console anytime to see your quarantined messages. Never miss an important email that may have looked too spammy. You'll notice an IMMEDIATE drop in junk email the moment WestonBlock's Email Protection is turned on.

Stop Spam in its Tracks

With Weston Technology Solutions Email Protection, keeping track of Outlook filters and scrolling through spam messages are a thing of the past. The technology includes several layers of protection to block out viruses, phishing attempts, Denial of Service (DoS), Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA), and other email attacks, think of it as a firewall that applies specifically to your email. You will prevent these threats from entering your organization and vastly increase your staff's productivity.

WestonBlock features:

  • Rapid Service Activation
  • No hardware or software to buy, maintain, manage, or update
  • Advanced spam, graymail, and fraud protection
  • Comprehensive inbound and outbound filtering
  • Virus and Worm Scanning
  • Content and Attachment Filtering
  • Email Attack Protection
  • Easy to use Quarantine Management Console
  • Full Email Continuity protection if your server goes offline
  • ClickProtect email link filtering
  • Optional encrypted email
  • Optional email archival and retention
  • Flexibility and scalability so the services can grow with your needs
  • Contact Weston today for pricing!

Contact Weston today for pricing!

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