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The First Microsoft Powertoys for Windows 10 Are Here

We mentioned earlier this year that Microsoft was resurrecting the PowerToy brand. They’ve released their first utilities (both in the singular installer): The first utility is a Windows key shortcut guide that will show a full screen overlay of available shortcuts when the Windows key is pressed. Since we’re huge fans of keyboard shortcuts, we can see this being quite…

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Tech Tip: The Windows 10 Taskbar Tips and Tricks

Since Windows 95, the taskbar has taken up the bottom of the your screen on your Windows computers. Over the years, the defaults designs and color schemes have been tweaked, but the general layout has stayed the same: start menu on left, programs in the middle, system tray and clock on the right. While every version of Windows has allowed…

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Windows “Run” Commands You Should Know

It’s ultimately more productive to use a computer if you never have to take your hands off your keyboard. Obviously some things can only be done with a mouse, but the more you can do with your keyboard, the less time you’ll have to move your hand off the keyboard, to the mouse, and back again. We’ve featured some keyboard shortcuts…

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Happy New Year From Weston!

As we bid adieu to 2017 and jump into 2018, we’d like to look back on the year at Weston. Specifically, we want to look back at what we have done at Weston, but also what you have done as readers of this newsletter and link back to the most read content of the past year. New Year’s technology resolutions…

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Tech Tip: Remember Ctrl-Shift-T to Get Your Tabs Back

We’re all about keyboard shortcuts here at Weston. They are a boon to productivity if you don’t have to take your hands off your keyboard to use your mouse. We’ve already covered Word and Outlook keyboard shortcuts, but here is one keyboard shortcut for your browser that you should know: Ctrl-Shift-T. What does this handy shortcut do? It re-opens the…

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