Passwords Sucking Up Your Time?

Passwords are a pain. WestonID Makes Passwords Quicker and More Secure

How many times do you enter your password every day? When you log in to your computer, when you log into apps, when your screen times out and locks, when you log into websites, etc…, you have to type a password. Passwords are there to keep you secure. But they also suck up a lot of your time — especially if you type it in wrong.

Which password did I use again? You should be using unique passwords for every place you need one. Then you end up having to remember different passwords for all these services. How many times have you had to re-enter or reset a password because of this? How much time did that waste?

Save a ton of time: Use your fingerprint: What if you could replace your countless complicated usernames and passwords with one swipe? Use your fingerprint to log into Windows, your various business apps and websites quickly, easily and securely. How much time would that save you every day? WestonID is here to solve the problem of passwords. Fill out the form below or contact us today for more information.

Passwords are a time suck — but they don’t have to be

For a limited time, contact Weston today for a free password security check and to learn more about our solution to save you time, energy, and stress.


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